RFID Blocking Stewart/Stand Slim Stainless Steel Billfold Wallet

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Our sleek, high-tech wallet, made out of woven stainless steel, is as smooth as silk and protects you from identity theft (ISO 15693 certified). A thoroughly modern update to the classic wallet. This beautiful, thin, light, compact and flexible wallet is no more rigid then a leather wallet. This stylish accessory is light years ahead of the alternative and is composed of an industrial material, but feels wonderful to the touch. Most credit cards now contain tiny chips that provide a unique identifier that can be scanned to retrieve your billing details. RFID technology can be used to scan your information without you knowing using portable scanners in airports, restaurants, and stadiums. Our slim and surprisingly lightweight Privacy Wallet is literally woven from over 20,000 super-fine strands of stainless steel into a flexible fabric that feels like silk – but protects your ID like a shield! Stronger than leather, with no sharp edges or corners – and won’t stain or scratch. Carry plenty of purchasing power – completely shielded from today’s high-tech pickpockets.Protect your privacy! Secure wallet (ISO 15693 certified) RFID blocking protection from credit card and ID theft

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