The Selection of Men’s Wallets: What to Consider


When selecting a men’s wallet, there are several factors to take into consideration, such as material, size, and security features. In this article we’ll provide some tips and guidelines so that you can make an informed buying decision. Your particular needs will determine which type of wallet will suit you best.


Materials for men’s wallets range from synthetic to leather and even to cork! (See our selection of cork wallets made by Corature, which are sustainability-friendly.) Many people like the feel and durability of leather; the most common colors are shades of brown or black. You can also get simple designs or more elaborate designs with military, sports, or wildlife themes, just to name a few. Determine whether you want a basic design or something that really stands out.


The bigger your wallet, the more stuff you will try to fit in there, so carefully determine how much you really need to carry in your wallet. A slim wallet will help you avoid unsightly bulges in your pants pockets, and it will cause less wear to your pants. If you can get by with just a couple credit cards plus your ID, business cards, and minimal cash, a slim wallet may be your best choice. A slim wallet is easier to wear in a front pocket, and any chiropractor will tell you that sitting on a big fat wallet is not good for your postural alignment.

A bi-fold wallet is a classic design with compartments for cash, credit cards, and ID (driver’s license, etc.). A tri-fold wallet has one extra fold, making the overall square smaller, but potentially adding bulk. A coat wallet is designed to fit in the inside pocket of your coat or jacket. The shape tends to be rectangular and longer, with plenty of slots for credits cards, cash, and ID. You would not want to wear a coat wallet in your back pocket, because part of it would be exposed and vulnerable to pick pocketing.

If you travel a lot, a thin passport wallet will allow you to include your passport along with any necessary credit cards, etc. A three-fold is another possibility for carrying your passport along with other necessary items.

Security Features

Some wallet styles are especially designed with security features in mind. A chain wallet connects to your belt, making it much less vulnerable to being taken. An RFID wallet protects against electronic pick pocketing of your private information contained within credit cards, etc.


As you can see, there are many considerations when purchasing a men’s wallet, and because there are so many different situations in life, it may make sense to own different wallets for different occasions. It’s also good to replace your wallet about once a year, so that it’s always in good shape.

We hope that you have found this article informative. For more information about men’s wallets, and to see the best selection at great prices, visit us at http://www.BestWalletsForMen. We love to answer questions about men’s wallets!

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