Cork BIfold wallet partial open

Corature makes fashion accessories out of eco-friendly cork. Cork is an eco-friendly and cruelty free product which is durable, lightweight and stylish. You will love these Corature wallets for men!

Corature makes use of the cork that is left over from the cork wine stopper industry and turns it into great looking vegan friendly products.

From Corature: “The cork oak is the only tree on the planet that can have it’s bark completely removed without killing it. Using cork ensures that the forests are economically viable which leads to them being taken care of and maintained. Not only does the extraction of cork ensure the survivability of these extremely bio-diverse ecosystems but harvested cork oaks take in 300-500% more CO2 than un-stripped trees while the bark regenerates itself. Using cork helps rid the environment of harmful CO2!”

Cork is an ideal choice in fashion accessories. If you are tired of animal skins being used in fashion, then consider cork wallets from Corature!

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